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We take GD&T theory and make it your reality.

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GDTP Certification Prep Course The GDTP Certificatoin Prep Course that I took from Applied Geometrics Incorporated greatly prepared me for the Senior Level Exam. The course identified what areas I needed to work on, the approach that I needed to take and what to expect when taking the exam. Not only did I just pass the test, but I passed with flying colors. If anyone is really serious about taking the Senior Level GDT Certification exam, I would higly recommend taking this course from Applied Geometrics Incorporated to greatly increase your chances in passing the exam. - Rob Heller

More Advantages of On-Site Training

On-Site Seminars: 

  • Any of our seminars can be customized to meet your specific requirements, i. e., examples that will address your firm's specific situation and be geared to the solution of your firm's specific problems... and your valuable employees will not have to leave your facility. 

    Should you desire to register for a public seminar for preview purposes, AGI will even apply your registration fee as a deduction from the cost of the on-site program. 

    •On-Site training programs are more cost effective due to the elimination of transportation, meals, lodging and car rental costs for your employees.
    • AGI will plan, coordinate, direct and evaluate the program.
    • The program will be customized to meet your requirements. 

    • The program can be presented any day of the week except Sunday.
    • Each enrollee will receive a Certificate of Attainment. 

    • AGI will provide free refresher courses for each enrollee of that program at any of our regularly scheduled public seminars.
    • For 30 days after the conclusion of the program the instructor will be available to answer follow-up questions. 

    • AGI will allow a 10% discount on any of our public seminars for all of the program attendees for as long as they remain employed by your firm. 

    • AGI will even provide post-program professional support services to make certain that the enrollees understand how to use the new skills and knowledge gained from the on-site program or private seminar and that your problems and projects are being properly solved and carried out according to the information acquired at the seminar.

Professional Support Services (Mentoring)

At AGI, we offer more than just "classes." We want you to learn how to USE this dimensioning and tolerance language not just to create prints, but also to improve your overall communication, thereby saving time and making more money. There is no doubt that you need to start with the classes - you need to learn the vocabulary and "sentence structure" before you can begin to speak the language. But you and your people must learn to maximize their efficiency in using this language by applying it to their parts and assemblies, not just the generic classroom exercises.

Take your GD&T training to the next level. Have an AGI staff member assist your people on specific projects. Your employees get hands-on experience with a smooth running GD&T system. The end result is truly improved communication, better understanding of the design-to-production process, and a greater return on your investment.